What I’m Reading Now: Cat Winters: The Cure for Dreaming

This a YA novel which I’ll put in the SFF category because it incorporates a speculative aspect concerned with what happens when hypnotism goes slightly awry, imbuing the protagonist, Olivia Mead, with the ability to see in people their true natures as light or dark visions.  I’ve just started reading it but already the plot has promises of romance, aspects of the supernatural, and a strong historical setting that will hopefully continue to deal with the issue of women’s suffrage raised in the first chapters (the book is set at the turn of the 20th century in Oregon). 

So far Olivia is a strongly-created character (not a “strong female character”), who I think teenagers can relate to because she exhibits a strong desire for independence and awareness of social justice, but still has a lot of lingering insecurity and sense of “social training” that she must decide whether to fight against or succumb to.  She is still learning about the world and how to make her way in it, testing her boundaries, and for that Cat Winters certainly deserves praise.  

What I’m Reading Now: Cat Winters: The Cure for Dreaming